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Llewellyn's Document Portal - FAQ

What is the Document Portal ?

The Document Portal is a cloud based service that Llewellyns operates exclusively for it’s customers. Think of it as a private ‘Dropbox’ where we can upload important documents, such as payslips, P30’s, accounts etc. As well as giving you direct access to your documents through your browser, the portal can be set to synchronise automatically with a folder on your computer. We can also arrange for you, as a customer, to upload information to the portal to allow direct collaboration with us.

How do I access the Document Portal ?

Document Portal access can be found on this site via the menu at the top We tightly control access to the Document Portal, so we need to approve and create access details for everyone that uses it. Each customer has different requirements, so we will agree beforehand what information will be made available online. If you haven’t yet been setup to access the portal then contact us via email or telephone to get your login details and confirm what information will be shared.

Is the Document Portal safe to use ?

Comodo SSL Secure logoSecurity is very important to us, which is why we use our in-house I.T. experts to run our online services and not a third party company. The Document Portal runs from our datacentre on servers dedicated to that function. These servers use Comodo SSL security to ensure a fully encrypted connection is maintained between the customer and their data. Llewellyns will also never ask you for your password, it’s important that this is kept safe. We can create additional logins for staff in order to ensure passwords aren’t being shared. Rest assure we have taken every step to ensure your data is safely accessible within the Document Portal.

Can I use the Document Portal to work with my own customers ?

The free document portal we provide is for storing and sharing files between us and your business only. Whilst the document portal can be used for storing other files, we don’t allow this as it uses up our resources. However, if you want something similar in order to share documents and files with your own customers, or you want to use the portal to make backups, then this is something we can arrange. Our in-house I.T. expertise means we can advise and supply all aspects of I.T.
If you are looking for any I.T. solution, such as a document portal for your customers, please get in touch via email or telephone and we will be able to advise the best way to achieve this.