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Add Our Experts To Your Team

When you sign up for our Tech and Cyber services, you gain access to our support team. Unlike traditional accountants, we have a wide range of tech and cyber expertise backing up our services. This means that we can give you the absolute best advice, and even provide technical solutions when you feel the need for a helping hand.

Our team will provide you with direct access to fully qualified FCCA accountants, tax experts, HR business support, computer systems and engineering experts, web and graphic designers, retail solutions providers and many other qualified professionals ready to support your business.

Why Does This Exist ?

A few years ago we recognised a noticeable boom in the tech and cyber startup scene around Wales and in particular, Cardiff. We also recognised that the needs of these startup businesses, particularly the disruptive startups, could be radically different from the ‘traditional’ businesses that we were used to seeing. This spurred us on to seek out the best tech talent to join to our team to position us well for the new generation of digital accountancy.

From our experiences we have put together a team perfect for supporting start-ups and completed this with a package of solutions that are ideal for tech and cyber start-ups whilst giving the flexibility needed to adapt as these ventures grow rapidly.

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What Do We Do Differently ?

  • Cloud Based Services

    We use cloud based services wherever possible in order to produce a fast workflow without paperwork and hassle. Primarily we will provide access to, and training for, a digital cloud accountancy package that suits your business. This means we can work together collaboratively, as well as allows our advisors to keep a check on the data as it’s being captured live and fix any issues before they become a problem.

  • Open Banking Data Feeds

    In 2018, the EU mandated that banks comply with the Open Banking standards allowing for bank and financial data to be securely and automatically shared between authorised parties. With Llewellyns you won’t need to provide bank statements or written invoice records, our systems will automatically compile and collate this data for you meaning you can get on with the business of making your startup a success.

  • Real Tech Expertise

    We specifically employ tech experts alongside our traditional accountants for a number of reasons. Firstly, because accountancy is becoming more and more digitally oriented, it was important that we have staff to hand that can keep our systems running and our data secured. Secondly, we realised that making these resources available to our customers was a huge advantage. Our tech staff may not understand the intricacies of the latest budget but they do understand web development, epos systems, API integrations, databases, cyber security, ssl and encryption, industrial control, agile, linux… etc. etc. This means that when we work together, we can fully understand your business and ultimately give the best advice possible.

  • Responsive Services

    The tech world is constantly changing and developing, and it’s no secrets that startups have to continually adapt and evolve to remain relevant and become successful. Traditionally an accountant will provide a limited set of services and send you a large bill at the end of each financial year. We are different.

    Our services are available on demand, and we bill as a monthly service. This means that the moment your business needs a payroll, for example, we are able to meet that need immediately with a fully digital and modern solution. A simple change of the monthly fee is all that is needed. Our services can be bolted on, and removed as needed and without any issue.

  • A Fair Price

    Traditional accountancy services are too expensive. Our aim is to serve our customers as efficiently as possible. We do not use traditional paper based ledgers and invoices. Our adoption of the best software solutions the industry has to offer means we have streamlined our workflow. Not only does our fee reflect this efficient way of operating, we can spend more time supporting your business with useful advice and guidance. Additionally, our adaptive billing service takes a very small toll on your cash flow when compared to most other accountants.